Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Recording Studio

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade approached Blackett Commercial to Design and Construct their new Recording Studio. The old studio had extremely limited capacity and problems with internal acoustics and acoustic transference. The new studio (built in the same space) had to not only fix these problems but also provide for the needs of the Digital Production team for the years to come.


As the studio is required for a multitude of different uses including live video streams, executive interviews and photo shoots, a full scoping process was required to ensure that not only did we address the  physical requirements of the room, we also identified and allowed for all of the necessary equipment the team would need.


The existing physical construction of the room presented a number of challenges in achieving the desired acoustic performance, however our team were able to overcome these challenges and deliver a space that met a DW50 rating, exceeding everybody’s expectations.


Functionally, the space works extremely well and we are so pleased that the entire Digital Production team are delighted with the results.